Name(s) of Chairman and Members

S.No. Name & Designation Fatherss Name Address Mobile No. UID No. Whether member of any Society/Trust/Company If answer of Column is yes Please Furnish details
1. Mr. Satish Goel Chairman of the IMC Kathua Yes M/S Industrial Equipment Company 42B Industrial Extension area Kathua
2. Mr. Naresh Singh Superintendent Govt. ITI Kathua Kathua
3. Mr. Sandeep Mittal Vice Chairman (Member) Kathua Yes M/S Siv Industries, Industrial Extension area Kathua
4. Col. Surinder Singh (Member) Nodal Officer Kathua Yes M/S Green field enterprises kathua
5. Mr. Ajit Bawa Member Kathua Yes M/S Chattan cement Factory SICOP Industrial Area Kathua
6. Mr. Puneet Aggarwal Member Kathua Yes M/S Shiva Rolling Steel mill, SICOP Industrial area Kathua
7. Director Representative Member Kathua
8. Dy. Director Member Kathua
9. Dy. Director Employment Member Kathua
10. Senior Faculty Member ITI Kathua
12. Student Representative (Women) Member Kathua